Q1. What are the requirements to hire domestic maid?

  • Employer must be Malaysian or permanent residents of Malaysia

  • Are married, a single parent, or an individual with children under 15 years old, a sick family member to take care of, or ill parents

  • The minimum income of the family of employer has to be at least RM7000 per month

  • Muslim employers can only hire Muslim maids to avoid any conflicts with food and religious practices

Whereas, these people are not allowed to hire maids:

  • Declared bankrupt

  • Blacklisted by the Labour Department

  • Has issues pending with the Immigration Department

Q2. What is the eligibilities to apply as a domestic maid in Malaysia?

  • Is a female Aged 21 to 45 years old when applying

  • Should not have a temporary working visa for an active employer

  • Should not be blacklisted by the Immigration and Labour Department of Malaysia

Q3. How long is the employment contract?

The employment contract between employer and domestic maid is 2 years. An employment contract will provide security and protection for both the employer and the employee. We provide contract extension shall employer and maid agreed to extend the employment after 2 years.

Q4. What salary should I pay for Indonesian domestic maid in 2022?

The minimum salary of Indonesian domestic maid is RM1500.

Q5. What requirement is needed by employers for their domestic worker?

  • Employer shall provide suitable accommodation and basic amenities for foreign domestic helper.

  • Employer shall provide adequate and sufficient daily meals for foreign domestic helper.

  • Employer shall not request foreign domestic helper to work or to be engaged in any activities that not related to household duties.

  • Employer shall insure foreign domestic helper with the foreign worker compensation scheme in respect of any medical expenses due to the domestic helper may incur in the event of an injury arises out of / and in the course of employment.

  • Employer shall at all times respect and pay due regard to the sensitivity of religious beliefs of the foreign domestic helper.

  • Employer shall follow terms and conditions of foreign domestic helper employment contract signed with the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Employer shall not abuse or ill-treat foreign domestic helper.

  • Employer shall pay salary to foreign domestic helper.

  • Employer shall not deduct salary of foreign domestic helper for any reason like broken or damage things.

  • Employer shall inform agency before sending foreign domestic helper back to their home country.

Q6. Are employer allowed to apply second domestic helper?

Employer should provide sufficient reason and has a minimum income of RM 168,000.00 per annum.

Q7. How to report maid who have absconded?

  1. The employer/reporter must be present at the relevant Immigration Office to submit the following documents to cancel the Foreign Worker / Foreign Domestic Helper’s permit.

    • Letter of application to cancel the PL (KS) of the foreign worker who has absconded.

    • Copy of employer’s / representative’s identity card

    • Copy passport of foreign worker who has absconded

    • Foreign Worker Abscondment Report Form issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia

    • Certified copy of Police Report

  2. Foreign Domestic Helpers who have absconded will be blacklisted.

  3. Employers are required to pay a compound depending on the nationality to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  4. Your maid consider abscond if she:

    • Runaway from your house.

    • She did not come back to work after went back for a holiday at their respective country.

    • Employer did not do Check Out Memo (COM) after maid finished contract and back to their origins .

Q8. What is a Check Out Memo?

Upon completion or termination of your maid's employment, you must ensure that your maid is deported to her origin countries by using Check Out Memo. This is to remove her employment records from you.

[Check Out Memo Application]

  1. The Check Out Memo is issued to foreign workers/ foreign domestic helpers to facilitate their return to their country of origin.

  2. To apply for the Check Out Memo, the employer should submit the required documents:

    • Application form for Check Out Memo

    • Copy of Original passport of the foreign worker.

    • Flight ticket for the foreign worker to return to the country of origin.

  3. The employer should ensure that the foreign employees return to their country of origin via the requested exit point on the date stipulated in the Check Out Memo.

  4. If the employer fails to apply for the Check Out Memo, the foreign workers are still considered to be under his employment and the employer is still responsible for the foreign workers.

The process can be done via FWCMS online. Alternatively, you may contact us and we are more than happy to help you.